How does your planning go?

I’m sitting here working on my touring plan (mainly of Magic Kingdom, Epcot and AK are much more fluid to me) and I notice that I’m essentially following the same plan I’ve used in the past. How do you plan? I have major FOMO and have a hard time not riding favorites or splitting rides between our two separate days at MK. Just wondering if I’m the only one who does this or if I should be mixing up my life. Going along with this, how do your plans for MK look in general? Thanks!

68 days to go- getting excited!


You’re just behind me, 65!

We basically have rides we want to do every time we’re in the park - mainly the thrill rides - and I’ll slot in a few more that we like and will do every time if we’ve got time. And then I’ll add things that are ok to ride once if we have time.

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Our planning method has changed more recently. We used to go and wanting to experience all the rides/attractions. But, now…we’ve done the rides…and while we have some favorites, there is a lot of detail to see and take in at the parks that are not something you can explicitly list on a Touring plan.

So, now, our plans tend to be more about what “lands” or “areas” we plan to tackle at times of the day. But part of that includes just exploring the details that we, in the past, just skipped over.

This has allowed us to have much more relaxed days in the parks. The FOMO only applies to a very small number of things.

So, for example, for our upcoming December trip, we’ll have a morning where we say “SWGE”. That’s it. We have dedicated our morning at HS to exploring SWGE. Similarly, we might just have TSL listed as an evening. At EP, we might say, “WS from France to Norway” or something like that.

Do I still make a plan with rides? Yes…but only so that I can get some basic prediction as to what I might expect to be able to accomplish. But micromanaging the day would make us feel pressured and rushed…definitely the FOMO hits more.

But now, we can just meander most of the time.

Part of what I hated about FP+ was the fact that it FORCED your hand into planning. I love that FP+ is gone. I’m also not happy about G+. I wish both were gone entirely. Without those, it makes enjoying my time in the parks so much better.


I think a lot of us have patterns due to successful previous experiences. Plus, everyone in my family gets one guaranteed “must-do” attraction. Typically, we get our variety from shows and the minor / “C-Ticket” rides. We have are regular favorites at MK, but may only do Pooh, Buzz or Tiki Room every other trip or so.


I think planning time to be spontaneous is a good tip actually. My plan for AK often contains a 2 hour break where we will single rider EE as many times as possible, and most late afternoons and evenings in EP are just labelled WS.

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Love this idea! We actually did this on our trip in Oct 2020 for several reasons, but it was so nice to relax and take in all the Disney. I tend to be an overplanner, but that trip was anti-plan and it was the best to date.

I haven’t tried Genie+ yet, this is our first trip since 2020, but I’m not excited about it based on a lot that I’ve read. I guess we’ll give it a go one day and see how we like it. I do find stacking appealing just so we can do whatever we want during the morning.

Hahaha I love that, ride as many times as possible. This is definitely how DS would love to do Disney and honestly I’m thinking of giving it a go this time. That’s what I love so much about Epcot and AK, there just isn’t that rush factor (at least not for us). Magic Kingdom is sensory and planning overload for me and I get all worked up!

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There’s definitely a lot more to pack in. And HS is complicated because practically every ride is a headliner.

“Planned spontaneity” will be my new phrase on our trip this summer (just 65 days away…maybe I’ll see some of you there!)

Our planning hasn’t changed much beyond what Disney’s rules have changed in regards to FP/FP+/G+. I still make a plan, optimize, tweak it a bit to see where ADRs fit in, and reoptimize in the parks. We do this for the first several days to hopefully ensure we do everything we want to do, then plan a final day to do our favorites or hit anything we may have missed due to weather or ride down time.


64 days for me!

I have a “last minute” trip with a girlfriend who hasn’t been to WDW as an adult, so I’m also having a hard time with my planning approach. Personally, I like the relaxed trip far more than trying to fit it all in, but as you said FOMO can sneak up quick and throw you for a loop! I think the decision to buy Genie+ or not ultimately dictates HOW you will plan. I haven’t purchased it yet and don’t really know if I plan to ever.

oh, 67 days for us!

I’m taking the reins planning a trip for 9 people in late October. It’s my family, my parents, and my sister’s family. 6 adults and 3 kids ages 14, 9, and 7 at the time of the trip. I’m the only planner in my family, so I enthusiastically agreed to take charge. It’s exciting and daunting at the same time!


I have made and scrapped plans several times since G+ rolled out. There are a few other factors that have me second guessing the plans but I just honestly don’t like them. I planned and canceled a couples trip… because I didn’t think we could get what we wanted to get done in a long weekend and the price tag for 3-4 days to feel cheated- yikes. So now I have a universal trip booked around Halloween. I made my TPs and buffered it all appropriately and feel great about it. I’ll tell you what, the price tag for 4 days there is about $800 less than what I was figuring for Disney and I feel I’m getting everything done.
Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, FOMO can be REAL. I canceled a whole trip because of it.
I feel like Disney is making it to where longer trips are necessary. Just my overall feeling. So if I do a short trip it will be to experience a few select things around an event and that’s it- maybe not even all the parks.


Based on what I’ve read, I feel like Genie+ sort of creates forced spontaneity (please anyone, correct me if I’m wrong), because there’s no way to plan for what time you’re given until that morning or whenever you make the reservation- which I hate :rofl: I want to know a general order of the attractions I’ll see. I think we’ll get it for one MK day just to use for the longer waits (looking at you, Peter Pan) and to hopefully ride a couple of others twice. It’s my nieces first trip so that day will definitely be rope-drop to fireworks and our second day is going to be wandering around and hitting our favorites.

I think you have the same dates as us! I’m getting a little nervous for getting ADRs!


I agree, I think trips are going to start getting longer for us, or short trips where we focus on one or two things/events. But I’m not saying I hate the idea of shorter more frequent trips :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I was at the world in March, and SO many ADRs appeared in the two weeks leading up to arrival, as well as 24-48 hours before… so if you don’t get your first choices, don’t get discouraged, just keep checking as you get closer to arrival.

As for genie+, I see your point about forced spontaneity. Have you used it before? I only really see a “need” at MK. After having dinner with my gal pal (who’s coming in her first adult trip) over dinner last night, she seems VERY excited about a LOT. I may end up eating my words and purchasing genie for that day.

Oh that’s good to know about a lot of ADRs coming open closer to the date. I feel like I read something along those lines on one of the Disney blogs I follow!

I have not used Genie+ yet, definitely only seems worth it for MK. We’re going to buy it the morning of, we’ll up early with our littles anyway!

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I’m going with no expectations. I have a list of four to five must do rides for each park I’ll visit.

Here’s the thing…I’m working on relaxing my expectations because I would love to ride GOTG and ROTR. There’s always the chance it won’t happen.

I do have a daily plan for activities and restaurants. My clothing and packing list is in progress. I have my tickets. I’ll need to make reservations for off-site dining.

So my plan is physically formal but mentally relaxed.