HOW does TP predict (and reflect back on) wait times?

Just curious… I’m planning on going in late July and I like to poke around to get acquainted with the app and website. I notice they have the live wait times in the app and on the website they reflect back on how accurate they were for previous days. (Like if they predicted crowd level 6, but it was actually a 7)

But when I look in the Lines app, it doesn’t look like many people actually use the app to record their live wait times… often in the evenings I don’t see any subscribers who have logged a wait.

So, HOW can they reflect back? Is it just based on history over the years?

Your right, some attractions get very few summitted wait times, but popular attractions get numerous each day. I don’t know the exact answer but they may use the average data from the previous set number of weeks. If they don’t have enough to get an accurate average, I’ll bet they do use previous months/years data.

I love to look back at the submitted times and the graphs. Have you looked at the recorded data from previous days and the green dots?

I always forget to hit submit, or it times out and I don’t notice.

I was just so busy planning and trying to soak it all in with the kids i was only able to time a few and a few more wouldn’t work

Thanks for timing a few!

I do the same thing.