How does this Uber thing work? Ride from HS to USF

Part of my family will spend half the day at Hollywood Studios and would like to ride an Uber or somehow get to Universal Studios Florida for the rest of day until closing. Then somehow get back to the resort on WDW. Is this allowed/possible? I thought I read that Uber cannot go on the WDW resorts area, but could be wrong.

Uber can go onto wdw property. I always walked to BC/YC after HS but I believe you just use the app, pick HS as your pick up area. I was dropped off near the taxi area and I believe that would be your pick up area. It is fast and easy!

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Sorry what is BC/YC?

another one to use is LYFT, you can go onlilne to and you can go down to the promotions at the bottom of the main page. Click on it and they will give you a credit. When I went in December 2016, it was $55 which was $5 off for 11 rides. It was well worth it. If more than one adult, each can do their own. It will be good for 2 weeks (or that what it was when we went).

Sorry, BC/YC is the Beach Coub/Yacht Club. I find that it is easier for me to walk away from the end of the night crowds to the Boardwalk Resort area and get Uber from there.

Of course in the afternoon you will not have 20 plus people trying to get an Uber from the same location - so right past the buses (on the right as you exit) is the taxi stand. I believe that is where Uber would meet you?

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Here is some info you may find helpful: