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Newbie here. I’ve been reading blogs, watching youtube, researching, and reading through TP like it’s a full-time job. I’ve booked my trip with a TA. I could ask her but the boards may be quicker. Do you book your park tickets first, before FP? Are they bought for specific parks? I have 4 day park tickets with my package. Do I have to assign which park for which day before FP day? Can you switch the days after FP day? I know the ADR’s are 6 months out, but those can be canceled and rearranged for some if they are not high demand.


  • Park tickets are not for specific parks. They are good for any of the 4 parks. You could spend all 4 days in the same park or any combination of the 4. You never have to “assign” your tickets to any park, so technically you could change your mind that same day and go to a different park. Just note, your tickets are good for only one park per day unless you purchase the park hopper option.

  • Fastpasses are booked 60 days before arrival if staying onsite or 30 days before if staying offsite.

  • Fastpasses can be modified after you book them but availability may be limited, so it may require checking back often to find what you want.

Hope that helps!

Thank you! This helps tremendously! The only parks I’ll have to re-arrange is AK if I don’t get FOP. I have it scheduled later in my trip, so fingers crossed! Of course I have months of waiting for FP day, but I’m lining up my ducks for ADR day which is less than 30 days. Thanks @rckstrscat!

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You do have to buy tickets before making FPs, and link them to MDE. Even with a resort stay you can’t make FPs if you don’t have linked tickets.

Thank you @missoverexcited. I just double checked and the tickets are already linked. :slight_smile:

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You’re all set then!

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