How Does Stacking Orbitz and Disney Deals Work?

I’ve seen several posts on this, but would like more specifics. How do you take the % off? If disney is doing their normal 30-40% off selected rooms, do you take the value of the room, after the disney discount, and then take the % off that the orbitz deal is offering?

And then you have to call Orbitz to get other adults/children added to the reservation? Can you call Disney and add dining? Do you get all the normal benefits from staying on property (early ADR, early FPP reservations)? And can you request specific rooms?

So many questions…thanks for any help!

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Hi! I have used Orbitz many times without issue. You need to go to the Orbitz site, put in your dates and only put 2 people in the room. Use the code review15 and price hotels. The price that shows on the main page is before the discount, so go ahead and choose a room. Price will be on the right side in the box. There is nothing to really add, if Disney offers a discount it will show up in the price on Orbitz. The code is to take another 15% off. After you book, wait a day or two and call Orbitz (or they have a live chat which works too). Just tell them you need to add children to you reservation. Most employees are familiar with this and will put you on hold while they do it. If they say you need to cancel and rebook with more people, just say thanks and hang up. Call back. I have only had 1 person in probably 6 times of calling who did not understand.
You can link to MDE right away, even with only the adults on the reservation. Print out the confirmation after you book, the number you need to link in MDE is the “hotel confirmation number”, not the Orbitz locator number. You can link the reservation, and then when you call the next day and add the kids, you can actually check MDE while they are calling, refresh once they come back and say the kids are added, and your children will magically appear in MDE (you then must link to their names). Make sure you change the address on your magic bands as they default to a Chicago address. It really is very easy once you know how to do it.
You cannot add dining to an Orbitz reservation. In fact, if you call Disney they will say they can’t help you, changes must be made through your TA (which is Orbitz). You must also pay in full with Orbitz. They do have great cancellation policies, and if you cancel, you will have your money refunded to your card in just a few days (much faster than Disney refunds).
You do get all the normal benefits of staying on property. There is no difference at all, you will just pay less money :smile:. Hope this helps!

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@Wahoohokie’s explanation is spot on. I just did this two weeks ago and it worked perfectly. When I called back to add the child, the Orbitz rep knew what I wanted to do, put me on hold, called Disney, and it was done in about 5 minutes. I waited to link the confirmation number I got from Orbitz to MDE until I had added my daughter, out of an abundance of caution. When I linked the reservation, she was on it.


Just to add a bit to the great info above, when I booked through Orbitz recently their add-on ticket prices for what we needed (5 days, PH) were about $100 cheaper (2 adults, 1 child) than the other ticket brokers (Undercover Tourist and 1 other I can’t remember). I got the confirmation numbers to add the tickets about 4 days after my order.

Thanks! I didn’t know how the discount was taken off, but this makes sense. We normally do military rooms, but with the Orbitz discount added onto a disney discount, I have to do some math to figure out which one is cheaper.

aargh! I didn’t know about this! I bought mine from Undercover Tourist. Oh well, next time! Thanks for the information.

Make your life easier. Go to orbitz and “book” all the way to just before approving payment . It will give you the exact cost. If you don’t want it do not confirm just cancel out

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This coming trip is the second (well, 3rd and fourth since we resort hop) time I’ve booked using the double discount. WDW sometimes has issues with the confirmation numbers you get, mostly at the front desk. I’ve also had online check in issues, and had to use the back up check in page. And while they can add kids, they can’t adjust a room for adding adults since its a different price after 2 adults. That we had to cancel and rebook.