How does sharing a room affect my disney experience accounts

My two grown daughters are sharing a room at POR. Can they each set up a My Disney Experience account with the same room reservation number?

They are both officially on the reservation, right? Are they also linked as “friends and family”? Everything should show up in both of their profiles. They each would have the ability to make FPs for both or them, or to pick just themselves.

I had the same question as well.

My mom and sister are both staying in my room. So if they DONT set up their own My Disney Experience account I’ll be able to pick fast passes for everyone under my account since they are on my room reservation and listed as family and friends?


Thank you!

Can they be set up in your family and friends without their own account? My grown son was linked to my account before MBs were introduced. At that time I had to send him a request, and he had to approve it. Has that changed?