How does room request work?

I was looking through the room requests yesterday and found a couple I liked. Now they aren’t popping up again. Do they stop showing them if someone else requests it before you? Also, I feel like there should be more rooms meeting my criteria. Does it only show you ones that haven’t been requested already? Just curious about how this all works. Thanks!

It shows you all rooms that meet the criteria you picked. I remember one time when 5 or 6 Liners on chat realised they had all requested the same room for the same week.

Ok! It just kept showing me the same 4 ground floor rooms and I know there are so many more. I thought maybe I was doing it wrong.

Tell me where you’re staying and what criteria and I’ll post a screenshot of what I can see. If you haven’t requested ground floor, you can move the view up.

All star sports. I either want ground or top floor. I want to either worry about kids stomping above us or worry about keeping my kids from stomping. Not both at the same time. :grin: I also want to be as close to the lobby as possible with a standard room.

Ok, I searched standard rooms less than 3 minutes walk to the lobby with no other criteria. I got buildings 2, 3, 4, and 5. On the ground floor, every room meets the criteria. On the top floor you’re more limited (though the other rooms might be 4 minutes walk and that’s why they didn’t show up for all I know).

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Thank you!!

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