How does rain change things?

We are preparing for our upcoming WDW trip. Looking at the weather reports, it looks like some rain but warm temperatures. This will be our first visit to Florida. We aren’t sure what to expect. So…

  1. Is rain there usually a day of steady rain like we expect in the West Coast, or is it more like a brief, occasional shower?
  2. Would you recommend packing rain jackets? We have dollar store ponchos for the wet rides or occasional shower, but maybe jackets are better? Would an umbrella be too much of a nuisance at the parks?
  3. How does rain affect our TPs?


Typically it’s a brief heavy downpour but can of course be longer. Poncho’s are usually the norm for rainy times. Umbrellas can be very cumbersome and you really have to watch where you’re going so you aren’t hitting people with them. People tend to scatter and even leave the park when it rains so if anything it should speed up your TP. It rained almost every day on our last trip and we loved it. It’s all about how you look at it.


They may briefly close down some outdoor attractions in the case of extreme lightning. But for the most part, nothing really changes. Agree with @Outer1, poncho up and tour on and make the best of it. It can be the best day of your trip!

My last day of my last trip, it downpoured! People were poncho’d up and dancing in the Middle of Main Street. It was fun!!


One big storm that I experienced emptied DHS to the point that toy story was practically a walk on in the afternoon–the line was going up the stairs, but that’s it. Arm fatigue led us to stop playing.

What rain can mess up is the following day where people need to make up if they missed wishes or Fantasmic.

If you are into photography, nighttime puddles can make for great pictures in the parks with all the lights


If it’s warm, I embrace the rain. I don’t even bother trying to use a poncho; after about a minute you’re wet, and after that there is no “wetter”. Splash through the puddles and chuckle at all of the people trying (usually to little avail) to stay dry. Only downside is that the AC can be pretty cold if you’re wet. But the parks DO empty. I did SM (x2), Buzz, Pooh, Peter Pan, Philharmagic, iasw, HM, CBJ, PoC, and the Tiki Room in about 2 hours during a rainy RD (Splash and BTMRR were closed due to lightning). On another trip, after a 90 min afternoon storm AK cleared out so much that KS was a 10 min walk-on (and animals LOVE it after the rain stops), and I could have ridden EE as many times as I wanted to.(I stopped at 3).

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I still find it hilarious that when it started to rain at Blizzard Beach, everyone took cover. You’re at a water park, and you’re afraid of getting wet?


I find that phenomenon to be funny no matter where it is. People who won’t swim in the rain crack me up! (Thunderstorms, of course, are a whole other matter…)


[quote=“Gussy30, post:1, topic:10637”]

  1. Is rain there usually a day of steady rain like we expect[/quote]
    No, most Florida rain comes in the form of an intense thunderstorm that rolls through pretty quickly. If you’re caught out in it, then you get soaked.

If you travel during hurricane season, then it’s possible that you’ll get stuck with days of steady rain. Even if a tropical system doesn’t hit directly, bands of rain may linger for awhile. However, you’ll most likely hear about those sort of weather events. Most of the time you’ll just get the afternoon thunderstorms.

[quote=“Gussy30, post:1, topic:10637”]
2) Would you recommend packing rain jackets? We have dollar store ponchos for the wet rides or occasional shower, but maybe jackets are better? Would an umbrella be too much of a nuisance at the parks?[/quote]
I prefer ponchos, because I carry a backpack with my camera and the poncho keeps that dry. I’m not as worried about me getting wet, but I’d rather not deal with a soaked camera. If the rain is really bad, then I can also tuck my hands inside the poncho and have those remain somewhat dry.

Be prepared to take your ponchos off before sitting in a Disney ride vehicle, since Disney tries to avoid wet seats on most indoor attractions (except those that might get you wet, like Kali Rapids or Splash Mountain). Also consider bringing a towel to dry yourself off with when you get inside. Shoes that dry quickly are also a big help, as may be a change of socks.

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All great ideas. Thanks!
Coming from the Wet Coast (aka West Coast) rain does not stop us. Of course, this amazingly warm (for winter) & sunny winter we’ve been having is an exception :smile:
I’m just trying to figure out the packing. We’re used to rain, but not necessarily warm rain. It seems a rain jacket and rain boots would be too warm so maybe I should invest in a few more ponchos (the dollar store ones I bought don’t strike me as very durable for much repeated wearing). And we might need to reconsider footwear. Runners were our plan but they’re not so pleasant when wet!

Skechers gowalks are very light and incredibly comfortable. They also dry quickly.

Oh yeah. Good idea! I have a pair but DH and DD do not. Lucky for me, I guess :smile:

Sneakers and extra socks could work, too, I’m sure. Or Tevas?

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For sandles Keens seen to be the most popular and recommended by our resident foot doctor. They are so ugly though I just can’t do it lol.

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Blasphemy! I love my super adorable purple Keens! :wink: And not only do they dry fast, they don’t feel gross when they’re wet. My number one choice in footwear for rainy days.

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We bring our ponchos in a big Ziplock bag so we can store them in the bag wet and not get the rest of our stuff wet.


The rain brings new experiences to enjoy. A relaxed coffee at the Main Street Bakery, MemoryMaker photos under the awnings or the possibility of the Rainy Day Parade.

Yes, I’m thinking we’ll be okay with the rain. Just gotta be prepared: ponchos, large zip lock bags to put wet things in, change of socks (or waterproof sandals) Got it! Thanks so much!

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We were there all last week. We had a couple days with occasional light rain/mist that cleared up intermittantly. Then last Saturday, it literally rained all day. We each had a light spring jacket with a hood that could easily be rolled up when not used and was great to layer over a sweatshirt or cardigan if it got windy. We also each had a poncho from Target. A family member used one on a day we didn’t need it, and we were able to use it again another day. We wore them all day last Saturday and were glad to have them. During Fantasmic, we also put one on the bleachers under our kids so they wouldn’t get wet pants. So many uses! If you will be taking or renting a stroller, be sure to have a cover for that.

Thanks @EliseE . We’re thinking we might experience similar weather. We have quite a few ponchos, in case they don’t hold up to too many repeated wearings. We’re also considering rain jackets &/or light spring jackets. But the weather forecast is for it to be hot (with some rain & showers). I’m wondering if you were too hot in your jackets?

We weren’t too hot, but it mostly rained on days that weren’t hot.

Also, we found that sometimes rain was in the forecast but it didn’t end up raining or rained overnight. Hopefully it won’t amount to much for you.