How does MNSSHP affect early MK crowds?

I’m trying to finalize my plans for October 23-29, and I want to avoid the MK if MNSSHP is happening. However, DH wants to go to MK on the morning of the 27th. There’s a party that night. Should we just avoid the Magic Kingdom like the plague of MNSSHP is in the evening? Or is there a contrarian effect; people know they’re going to party that night, so they go elsewhere in the morning and head to the MK in the afternoon/evening?

Thoughts? Statistics? Anecdotal evidence?

Thanks in advance! :jack_o_lantern:


It’s a contrary effect. People tend not to do MK because it closes early


Party days are generally known to be low crowd days. Lots of TP data to back that up.


I went to MK on the 12th (party day) and it was the best day ever. I could not believe how low the wait times were so I took screenshots. These were the longest times (and the time I took the photo is in the picture).


You guys rock!!! This is incredibly helpful. Thank you! DH will be so happy!


I’m arriving this Friday and planning to do MK on Tuesday on a party day to take advantage of this. We have park hoppers, so we hope to be out of there by 2-3 pm. That night we are planning to do Disney Springs, as my DS9 is a Guy Fieri fan, so he wants to go to Chicken Guy.


I was at MK last week on the first party night and the crowds were REALLY low, even TP on twitter reported record low crowds and wait times that day.


The reported CL for both party days so far has been 1. And given that both dates were “sold out” of APR, it seems like the theory that entries during the day are being limited so that staff hours can be allocated to the party just might be accurate.


I’m hoping the crowds continue to be low for party days. We have two MK days planned for the same day as a party in September. (12 day trip…, so I will be hitting MK on a couple non-party days also)

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Good for daytime guests to have lower crowds and also for party guests to have more of the crowds from 4-7pm just be fellow party guests and not a ton of spillover from the day, thereby effectively extending the length of the party.

Are there any suggested touring plans for a party day if you are doing MK and the MNSSHP party the same day … or is it just so low crowds its easy to “wing it” without a plan?

I am trying to plan a MK+MNSSHP “day” … any thoughts would be appreciated, its 3 people, myself, my wife , son (10) … its his first time in WDW/MK my wife and I have been (but like 25 years ago, was our first “big date” dating, before getting married) …

Only thing I got planned so far (aside from park reservation/tickets and tickets to MNSSHP), is I do have lunch reservation for SteakHouse 71 around 1 pm … figured it might be a nice break to get out of the park for a bit before the party starts. And let my son experience the monorail.


I think that sounds like an excellent plan. SH71 is a great lunch spot and getting out of MK for a while will be a nice little break in your long day. I would still create a personalized touring plan for your day with your priorities in it as a guide vs winging it. The parties have so much going on it’s hard to fit it all in and still do a bunch of regular attractions too.

I have been to MK a number of times on non-party days (pre-Covid), the crowds were much lower than the party days those weeks, but it still made sense to have a touring plan.

I would plan to RD (Note: MK may open earlier than the current schedule on party days as we get close and Disney finalizes the park hours). In terms of making a plan, I would start by entering my desired attractions in the touring plan dashboard and Optimizing.

Are you getting G+ for that day?

Yea we have g+ as well … (got it when you could pre-buy for your trip)

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After optimizing your TP, then adjust for the LL you plan to get. If you haven’t yet, I recommend reading the G+ threads on the forum for tips.

I was just wondering if there was a different focus with a party day MK plan since some rides will obviously be easier during the party and some will be closed… I did kinda make an initial TP but I dont think it factored in the party events … Will certainly go back and fiddle with it … but wanted to see if people who had done MK+party had experience and recommendations so I could certainly work those in… (and as always appreciate all feedback/thoughts for sure)