How Does Memory Maker Work?

I have purchased Memory Maker. How do I make sure that Memory Maker is linked to members of my family? From what I see - do I have to add everyone’s ticket number? magic band? profile?

Thanks for any help.

You just need to make sure their MDE accounts are linked to yours. Then any pictures they scan their Magic Bands for will automatically appear for you and will be available for you to download when you redeem your memory maker.

Thank you!

If I understand you correctly - everyone who is lifted as Friends & Family in my account (they all have linked Magic Bands) - who I can get Fast Passes for - will automatically have their pictures downloaded to my Memory Maker.

Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

Jan - you are correct. Everyone linked in MDE that you can book FP+ for will have access to your Memory Maker. Makes life relatively simple…

Thank you! I was worried that the pictures from my group wouldn’t be linked. I am happy that we have this forum to get things straight.