How does linking a Visa to my magic band work?

How does linking a Visa to my magic band work? Is there something I’m supposed to be doing on MDE, or is this done at the resort at check-in?

Whatever credit card you link to your hotel room, whether in person at check in or through online check-in becomes your default payment. Depending on the level of resort you are staying in you will have a preassigned limit to your room. I believe the lowest is $500 at the value resorts. Once your room charges equal that amount or on the last night of your stay, they will automatically charge that amount to your card.

It’s tied to your room not your directly to the band, so you do it at check in. Though it would be nice if they did do it directly for people like AP holders too.

I called a few days ago and got the official “limits” to charge to the CC. It’s in $500 tiers based on the level of the hotel.
Value $500, Mod $1000 and deluxe is $1500.
You can request a current bill at any time from the front desk, and when it gets close they will charge, and reset your spend back to 0 for credit card charge purposes.

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Will my mum and I be able to link separate credit cards to our room? It would give both of us a bit more freedom to spend.

I would also be interested to know if that was possible @NyimaR.
Anyone any experience of linking more than one card to a room?
I guess its all about linking the card to the room as you cannot link a card to a band directly?