How does Agent P work?

My boys (8 and 10) are interested in trying Agent P’s Adventure this trip and I don’t know how it works. Do they each need a device? Does it take a lot of time? Is it interactive with exhibits? Is it worth it?


We used my cell phone. My kids shared it (15 and 8) and we all looked at the stories/directions together. It is interactive with each country and the exhibits there. I thought it was really cool.

My kids both enjoyed it (ages 8 to 14) on two different trips. We found it easier to split into teams of two each with a phone. It’s fun to see the different things that happen around the area as you play.

we love it done since kids ages 6 & 7 and stil do now ages 10 &12 we share our phone and they take turns. One of our favorite things at WS

Fantastic. Thank you all!

You can actually play a sneaky game on your computer before you go. I don’t know if this causes the features in Epcot to activate or not.

I thought it was cute and fun. Liked Pirates Adventure in MK Bette though. Add it to the list if they have never done it. Two round gets you FPP for POTC.

My “kids” are considerably older than yours, and we liked it a lot. Germany and Japan seem to have the best ones, I think the UK’s is supposed to be really fun, too, but long (25 minutes or so). If you just want to see the special effects you can fast forward through the story line, that’s what we did.

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Thanks for the feedback. We are looking forward to checking it out!

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