How do you use dining reservation finder here?

so I just paid the money to use the disney dining reservation finder here and I cant find it anywhere I just see info about disney dining and NO disney rservation finder


I think you can find the tool here:


On my laptop’s dashboard page (homepage after logging in) it’s in a box near the top.

ETA: I added “laptop”, to clarify it wasn’t the app.

Make sure you set up your trip on your dashboard. If you are staying on-site use the room finder

Did you download the app? If you build covid touring plans they will link to the app. Also, chat can be helpful but we use pictures and VERY detailed answers !

Oh! Welcome to the TP forum!

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Haha I couldn’t find it near the top

That’s because I have my trip itinerary open.

For me the box was near the bottom.


Thank you! I don’t have a box at the top but I have trips on my dashboard.


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The image on the left is on the phone. It’s at the bottom!

The “dining” on the right picture is the dining plan calculator, not the reservation finder?

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I can’t do it on my desktop unless I use the link I posted above. Trying to use the button , for some reason, is ignoring my trip details even though I have an active room request and all my details inputted.

Edit Operator error

It’s on my dashboard.

Dining plan makes sense, I thought it was the reservation finder…brb, checking again.

Found it! It’s at the bottom as well!

Will change the picture accordingly!

For me, on my PC laptop using Firefox, it’s near the top. I’m not showing the whole page, just the top area.

But you don’t have any active trips which is why it’s there.


Very true. That shows how inexperienced I am at using the res finder. It’s been a year and a half since I last had a trip on my dashboard. Somewhere along the line TP has changed some of the layout of the dashboard (remember folks trying to find the forum link?). Maybe I assumed the OP was just starting to use things and didn’t have a trip? Thanks for enlightening me about some of the tricks regarding use of the res finder.

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