How do you see other Tier 1 FastPasses?

How can you see another Tier 1 ride FastPass availability after you have reserved a Tier 1 pass for your group that day?

For example, in EPCOT I have reserved Frozen Ever After (Tier 1) but might want to switch it to Test Track (which is another Tier 1 ride).

I don’t want to lose my Frozen Fastpass time until I see other available times for fastpasses. Then switch them.

Thanks for your help.

You would try to “ modifying” your tier 1.

We are going to Epcot on 2 diffent Days so switching is just for changing to a better/earlier time. We can do a Tier 1 on day 1 and another on day 2. It doesn’t matter which one.

Not to worry! You have to accept the changes. It won’t just go away!

Or Look here