How do you report wait times in the app?

Is there a spot in the app that you report a wait time (posted and actual) or is that only for ‘trusted’ members? I couldn’t find any place to post that info, so I thought maybe only certain people were selected to do it. But then I also periodically see mention of Liners sending in that info. If anyone can do it, how is it done?

You can do it a couple of ways. First, I go to the homepage

Then click on a park

You can click on the button on the top right:

Or click on an attraction:

Then hit the plus time button

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Oh! No wonder I couldn’t find it anywhere. It’s not complicated if you have instructions, but I wouldn’t have guessed that. They should have a button that says “enter a wait time” from the main page to take you through there.

Anyway, thanks.