How do you post a picture?

How do you upload a photo? Thanks

Depending on the device you’re using there should either be an icon with a little up arrow on it, or a link that says upload. Then you can select either a photo stored on your device or a link from the web. Also if you are linking a web photo you can just paste the link in your post and most of the time the forum software with automagically insert the photo into your post with a link to the full sized version.

Or you can just drag and drop it onto the reply window.

Using iphone 5 and asks me to select photo but go to uoad and asks me to pick again. Guess phone doesn’t work?

Someone else reported a similar issue when using safari. You should probably add a topic in the meta forum just to make sure that @Lentesta is aware of it. In the mean time you can download and use chrome from the app store as I believe the previous poster tried that and it worked. Just until the get a fix in of course.

I figured it out. Pretty good for not knowing if it’s am or PM last night after a long nap :slight_smile:

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