How do you plan in hopes of free dining?

My family of 5 just got back from our trip at POR that we booked with a PIN. We are hoping to return the same week 2016. While it is a long way off, I don't know how to plan for it. If I book the room ahead I'm not likely to get a PIN right? Do I not book anything until FD is announced? Free dining reduced our cost by one third on this trip and can't imagine taking on that cost!
Is POR ever excluded from special offers? I can't tell on the mouse savers page.

POR and FQ were excluded from free dining this fall but are part of the room only discount that opened in late July for the same or roughly the same dates as free dining....I think...we booked CBR because of free dining but wanted POR. Decided to stick with CBR once the other offer came out because it was still less expensive for us to do free dining.

Aww man that's what I was afraid of! I'll stay anywhere the five of us can fit but DH said "no FD no go"