How do you make touring plans accessible to others?

After weeks of working on my TPs, I feel like I should know this. How can I let DH, who isn’t a TP member, view our plans? (Or is there no way for him to do this unless he joins?)


Print them. Let him log in using your user name/password. Load them up for yourself, then turn the screen around to face him. That last one sounds sarcastic, didn’t mean it that way when I typed it.

From a computer, open your plan- go to “edit” - click publish the plan. Then copy the web link and email or text it to your husband.

How can I believe you didn’t mean to sound sarcastic with a name like Crasstastic? :wink: OK, I figured I could print him a copy, but I also figured he’d be getting wet in the parks (on the rides of course), so was hoping for a way to let him view on his phone. Thanks, PrincipalTinker!

Can’t you just flip him your password and have him log in?

Err… Yes. Sigh. Assumed only one sign in at a time.