How do you know if a magic band is active?

So it official! I officially have reservations for my upcoming work conference the end of August. This conference was originally booked for March 23,2020. We all know what happened to that… My question is, I received a magic band for the original trip, it is still showing linked to me in MDE but will it still work? How long do the batteries or whatever last in them? Since they no longer provide them and this one was never used, will it work for this trip??

The one from 2020 will still work.
It will be linked and active until you make it inactive in your MDE
It is linked to YOU and follows you to all of your reservations and tickets. Not to the reservation and tickets themselves.

To check the status you can go to MDE. On a computer, go to MDE>MagicBands and Cards>Scroll down to Manage MagicBands or Cards, click the little carat and all of the bands you’ve ordered/have will show, with indication of active or inactive next to them

The batteries are ONLY needed for photopass photos. The MBs last forever for Tapstyle/room key use (NFC).

If you want photopass, you should be able to set up Magic Mobile inside MDE on your phone to get the same behavior.



But a 2020 MB will not have any battery issues. It’s still pretty new

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Thank you guys! I am beyond excited for this trip!

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My brand new ones picked up from the front desk on our last trip didn’t work for photos. We figured it out after a couple of days and started tapping for them.

That was a one-off.

It happens though. Best to know the options beforehand.