How do you get to the parks for breakfast ADR before park opening?

I am interested in trying to get a pre-opening ADR. If the buses only start running though 30 min prior to park opening (what I’ve read somewhere), how does everyone get to the park earlier? I don’t want to take a cab since the kids needs their booster seats. Thanks!

First bus is 1.5 hours prior to park open to account for those early ADRs. You have to get up early, but it’s quite doable to get to the parks early. And of course there’s always Uber/taxi options if you sleep in a little and need to rush. I would generally suggest confirming with a CM at the concierge desk the night before on your planned transportation timing though just to be sure…

Where are you staying?

Thanks Damavs! That is great news. I don’t know why I thought it was 30 minutes before. We will be staying at Caribbean Beach. Thinking of getting early ADR at Akershus so we can get over to FEA early.