How do you get rooms near one another at the Grand Floridian?

My extended family is staying in 5 rooms at the Grand Floridian in July. What do we need to do to get rooms nearby one another? Do you think this is a tough request with so many rooms?

I’m not picky about the view, or about rooms connecting. But I’d rather be on the same floor or at least same building, not spread across the resort. We’re all in “Outer Building Garden View” rooms.

Thanks for your help!

Are they all the same view? I would do a TP room fax and edit it to add the confirmation numbers asking for them to be close to each other.

Yeah they’re all Outer Building Garden View rooms. I just wasn’t sure if it was better to:

  • Use the fax reqest
  • Use the online check in request
  • Or leave it alone, because the default is to put all the reservations near one another and I don’t want to over-complicate it

I thought the fax was best for requesting a particular room, but I can look into using it for this. But I figure getting rooms close to one another is a pretty common request. Thanks!