How do you get over the post Disney Holiday Blues?

We returned from our first family Holiday in Disney world on the 31st of May and boy I am finding it very difficult to get over the holiday. I

feel like I need to book for next year for me to get my motivation and excitement back after such an amazing holiday. Anyone else feel the same or any tips out there for recovery? cheers


I feel your pain. We have been to the Disney Store several times since returning.

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I too suffer from PDVS (Post Disney Vacation Syndrome) or PDHS as it’s known in the UK. I have found that keeping involved on TP, listening to Disney podcasts or music, watching Disney movies, and planning our next trip helps.

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Try visiting YouTube, type in “Small World Disney World Ride”. Watch it on repeat about 7 times. That should be enough to take you safely out of withdrawal symptoms, as that music is probably the most annoying thing you encountered there.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, but I’ve seen every episode of Doogie Howser, MD


I had the same problem after our family vacation last October. I found writing a detailed summary of the trip day-by-day helped…mine was 17 pages typed…lol. Also I found a great app called Mouse World Radio where you can listen to music loops from the theme parks. That really takes me back…and it’s a free app. You can even find music from the parks for CD. Also, visit the Touring Plans blog and forum pages often. Passing your experiences on to others through blog and forum comments is a great way to release some of that pint up Disney. Otherwise just watch a Disney movie here and there, keep up with new movies, projects, and construction going on in the parks. Get a Disney bumper/window sticker for your car. You can also get on youtube and see most of the rides and shows from Disney World. And don’t feel weird for planning ideas for a future Disney vacation already. I know I want to go back and probably will within the next few years so I have lots of ideas of what I would like to do next time. Just remember, it’s okay to feel blue. It just means you had a great experience and want to feel that way again. As long as it doesn’t get in the way of your work, family life, etc. you shouldn’t worry about it too much :smile:

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I just got the mouse world radio app because you mentioned it! Thanks for that. It works much better on my tablet than sorcerer radio. I am enjoying it very much! I think I will put it on my phone too!

I know how you feel! When we got back from our January trip, I eased the PDVS by checking out my MDE page for my updated Bounce Back booking (this October!!!). I find, as wonky as it can be, an occasional trip on MDE makes things much easier…and a new trip to look forward to REALLY helps. I also spent WEEKS going through all of my trip photos, selecting those to keep, editing them on the computer. As my ordered prints came back in batches, I got to relive the trip several times. THEN I spent even more time turning my photos into a mostly photo album photo album/scrapbook. We got back January 10, and all of that took me through Easter. Since then, I continue to plan my next trip, live vicariously through the fine folks on here, and reading as much as I can about Disney.