How do you get away from family when your at Disney?

I have tired many times to get some alone time in when we are in the world. The family always seems to find me or want to be with me. I would like to take my time to shop and look around with out feeling like I cant spend money or I have to get something for dd because she is with me. I am a early riser (4am) so I get alone time in the morning when everyone is sleeping but I want to wander the parks. How do you do it?

Can you send the rest of the family back to the resort after the last parade or show & then just leisurely explore the stores?

I find bribery works well. I let my wife do some shopping while I run around with my camera taking pictures. That way we both do our favorite thing.

I have tried that. Dh would go but DD15 would like to stay with me. She an only child and does not want to hang with dad.

Im actually thinking of sending them both on a fishing excursion. Have to save up.

That sounds like a good idea!

Need to convince DH its a good idea. He’s cheap, doent like spending money on things like that. Also thought about a tour but dd15 would like to do that.

Would they enjoy something like Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom? It’s free but it can keep someone busy for an afternoon. My wife spent an evening doing that while I took a photowalk of MK.

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Just tell them…on this day, I am taking x amount of time to explore bu myself. Then give your hubby the same opportunity. If you think DD is responsible enough for it, give her an hour too. That will have the added benefit of giving you and hubby some time just for you.


I agree with Armadillo. I don’t have kids, so I am sure it is different. Still on my last trip I was with a group of females in my family. I set aside one day where we planned to be at Epcot (my favorite park) and told everyone I wanted 4 hours to myself. It was a week long trip and everyone understood. I was the only one that did this, but since I asked upfront it was not a big deal. Maybe if you make it sound like you are going to do something your daughter would not enjoy that would help.

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Book a treatment at one of the spas. Relaxing and solo experience

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I have younger kids so it’s different - but on last trip, I sent them back to resort with DH while my mom and I shopped at MK. We also did two different Epcot Wind Downs. Your DD is old enough to hang at the hotel by herself, so you and DH could do a Wind Down or something like that.

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I just tell them, nicely, that “x morning/evening I’m going off on my own to do my own thing.” The first time was awkward, but now I’ve trained them. Often, it’s to do something g they don’t want to do anyway- hence my desire to be by myself.


I’ve toured early in the morning - before my husband and kiddos were up. I usually go to a park with a morning EMH, tour for a couple of hours, and am back before they are out of bed!


First…I love my family…but they can work my last good one!!! I just say “I’m out of here for a few” or take one of them that I like best at that moment with me : )


I get up before the rest of the family most days for a little me time. I walk around the resort, grab my morning caffeine and used to take a swim some mornings (pool hours now don’t help with that much).

Being a FP runner was mine and DH’s way of getting a few minutes alone in the park when we needed it but FP+ killed that.

What about sending them to POR or one of the other resorts that do the cane pole fishing. Probably a lot cheaper than the fishing excursions and could easily give you a couple of hours of Me time.

I do not nap, but the rest of the family does every afternoon. So I will usually go back to resort with them, help get lunch and everyone to sleep and then I go find other things to do. Last trip we were at WL and I spent nap time going to CR, GF and Poly just to look around. Rented one of the sprite boats one day and drove around lagoon. One day I went to Epcot and had a couple of drinks in WS. The one thing that I used to like about the old FP system was when we were leaving park for lunch I would grab a FP for an attraction and go back and do it during nap. Don’t want to do that now bc I do not want use one of my 3 FPs without them.

Let the kids swim at por and I go to the pool bar for an adult beverage

Never thought to go swimming that early in the morning. Good idea!