How do you get 5 day park-to-park tickets to Universal?

My family will be traveling to UOR next Easter. We were planning on going to the parks for 5 days. I realize the parks can be seen in just 2-3 days, but our tolerance for heavy crowds will prevent us from spending all day there. We thought we’d do better with 5 half-days instead. However, it looks like the offerings jump from 4-day passes to annual passes, with nothing in between. I can’t see paying the huge cost of a separate 1-day pass for the 5th day, nor the cost of Preferred annual passes (which would be required for our travel dates). Any advice?

A few things

1 - Are you staying on site at a DELUXE? If so you get express pass and it rocks - especailly during high volume days - it will be WELL WORTH IT
2 - There is an Orlando pass (orlando flex ticket) that I believe has a lot of universal days - plus you can then leverage the pass to see other things in the area. I would confirm - but if I read it right it looks like you get 4 days at each park - but not 100% sure.

I would go on the general premise that if they don’t have a ticket for it - it probably isn’t worth it.

1 - YES! We are staying at Portofino Bay and I’m so excited about the express pass! I’m glad you think it is well worth it, because that hotel sure isn’t cheap! :wink: The express pass will certainly help a lot in terms of lines. The heavy crowds will be more of a factor for just getting around with my youngest, who will be 4 and in a stroller. I hate navigating crowds with a stroller! It’s no good for anyone!

2 - I did look into the Orlando flex ticket, and I think it would definitely be worth it if we were planning to go to Sea World or another park, but not sure it’s worth it for just USF/IOA.

As a little update, I ended up going ahead with a 4-day pass, because like you said, if they don’t offer a longer pass, then maybe it isn’t worth it! However, the UOR agent I spoke with said that they may be coming out with something called a “length of stay” pass in the near future, which would work for our 5-day plan. She said it might be available as early as December, so I’ll have to look into it then. I will report back if it works out for us!

We were there with moderate crowds and with the Express Pass the parks were very very doable. We go there during the early morning to hit HP (whichever side was open) and enjoyed. And we did NOT closed down the parks at all. 4 days (unless they are piling people on top of each other) should be more than enough.

I think the first day we were there from 8 - 4:30, second day same and 3rd day we just did the morning as we were trekking over to WDW.

My only bits of advise would be to get there first thing. As you have a stroller - you will have all sorts of stuff - but take a SMALL bag to put in the locker for rides you can’t have anything (no phones, keys, cameras etc) so that it will be easy to get in / out of the locker (which is free).

We hit the parks and then went back to Portafino to chill- had dinner alfresco at Mama Della’s one night and one night we ate poolside which was multa bene

We did the whole stroller thing as well (years ago). My wife got a GOOD UMBRELLA stroller so that it was more maneuverable and easy to get on / off things. You will LOVE Portafino

OH - check out the prices at Under Cover tourist are great - and we had no problem

Thanks for all of the great advice! I’ll be full of more questions in the coming months, I’m sure!

With Express Pass, you will be more than fine with 4 days! Any more questions, we are here to help! :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks! Maybe we’ll have a resort day in the middle of our trip instead of hitting the parks every day! :slight_smile:

We didn’t hop - but you can hop at Universal. So you may just want to go to the “downtown” area - or hit the other resorts to see what is up.