How do you end your trip?

Our first adult only trip grew from 4 to 7 days and we have scheduled many extra fun new things to do this trip as well. However, we have our last day - flight out at 5:20 from MCO, we figured to take the 2pm Magical Express from POP to make it with plenty of time.

But what do we do with our last half day?

What do you like to do on an ending partial day where pretty much everything has been marked off the list?

Eat lunch at Whipering Canyon Cafe. It great way to end our stay


If I have a ticket, rope drop and commando my favorites.

If I don’t have a ticket, Disney Springs shopping and/or meal at any resort
restaurant that I haven’t visited before.


Drop off luggage at airport check in. Go to mk. Ride favorites. Last ride is people mover. One last stroll through the emporium. Walk away with pixie dust in my eyes. Grab a meal at sweet tomato then off to airport. Sigh.

I do not like to think of last day. :sob:


Crying and wimpering


I always go to MK on my last day if I have at least a morning before I would need to hop a bus back to the resort. I also always plan 90 minutes to leave MK and return to the resort. I have misjudged that time in the past and that was a very bad way to end a trip!