How do YOU deal with the heat in the Summer?

Hey there!

I’m just curious what your strategies are for dealing with excessive heat in the Summer (or early Fall, really) in Orlando.

Any particular misting fans, cooling towels, or other gadgets you use that work well for you?

Any hat tips or preferences?

Any A/C magic spots not to miss?

Any other amazing info that others could use and benefit from in the forum?

Thanks! I’ll share a photo of one of the wide brimmed hats I got to try this year in the parks. Look, I can wear MICKEY EARS with it on! The brim can fold up higher too, so this is going to save me from bringing out my umbrella every five minutes.

Oh yeah, I use an umbrella to keep the sun off of me. People around me might find it annoying, but I try not to judge them or get in their space, so make peace with my little blue umbrella. :wink:


This probably isn’t much help, but I stay indoors (with the AC set at around 70). I live in FL and from June to October I go outside only when I have to. I can’t even imagine going to WDW in the summer.

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
  2. wide brimmed hat.
  3. Plan my AC shows after noon. MP, HoP, CoP, Nemo, Etc.
  4. Acceptance-you are going to be sweaty, power through.

My family and I went last week and it was so hot! We arrived at 9:30 which was a big mistake! The car line to get into the parking lot was a traffic jam and it took more than I thought it would just to park. We did navi river with a fast pass and then festival of the lion king after those 2 things we had lunch and then left the park. I thought that I could cool off during the lion King, but that wasn’t possible air-conditioning system just couldn’t keep up with that many people. I thought I was gonna pass out during the show. I did have three young granddaughters with me, which made things more difficult than usual. After that day we decided for the remainder of her trip we would only go to the parks in the evenings. We enjoyed ourselves a lot better after that. But definitely, take a hat an umbrella they do help a lot! We also had a spray bottle.

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We were there a few weeks ago and the heat index was 100+ several days. We arrived at park opening to do as much as possible before it became crazy hot. The in afternoon we did indoor shows and attractions. We drank tons of water. We did at least one sit down meal each day to escape the heat. We also brought chilly towels and necklace fans (not attractive but helpful).


If you want to go Hi-Tech (read as $$$) … Search for “cooling vest”

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Rope Drop! Parks til noon/1pm. Back to the hotel to swim/shower/nap. Back to the parks 5pm or so.

Water! WATER! Water! Planning to take a mister bottle this time.
Cooling Towels
Fans (necklace)
Sunglasses/lip balm

Can’t say I used my hat often last summer, but I will be taking it along again. For me, I need sandals – socks and sneakers are too hot.

Accept that you are going to be sweaty and sticky. Take breaks in a shop or two to cool off.

I went last June, I thought I was going to be miserable, but it was totally doable and tolerable. Now, we go for 10-14 days, so afternoon breaks are much more doable than if you have a short trip, but I wouldn’t do it any other way.


To me, the best way to beat the Florida heat during the summer is to go to Disney in late fall/winter. :wink:


Agreed, the UK is currently in a heat wave and I am dying. No way could I deal with Florida in the summer

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We went in September 2 years ago. Hot and humid.

We intermingled outdoor and indoor attractions.
Ate ice cream to cool down.
TS restaurants for a break.
I think the one thing that helped was that we went in September after having our summer up here in the north. So we were used to heat by that point.

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That - is - a - GOLDEN - idea!

And yes, you’re going to be sweaty, so power through… love it.<3

Thanks @justme555 - I have to get up EARLY to try to do the FoP and extra magic hours to get as little heat time as possible.

I’m going to try the spray bottle thing this year too. Looking at a bunch of different types - this one is on my radar, but not sure if I want to carry it around all day. lol
COREGEAR ULTRA COOL JR XL USA Misters 1 Liter Mister & Sprayer Personal Water Pump With Full Neoprene Jacket

Yeah, they really don’t look good, but the feeling of a cool towel on your neck is a-ma-zing in that heat!

What type to you like? There is one brand of chilling towel that got all stiff (ick) after it dried.

Either way, I rinse those puppies out in the sink at nap and bed time and hang them to dry. Sweat funk smell, I want to keep you at bay!

Thanks! I might do that if I ever get to do a Dark Side RUN DISNEY event. I looked at those, and think they’re cool… feels like you’re going on a safari though, right? lol

It’s going to be tough, but I’m going to make this a priority this year. Maybe selling the 3-4 hour naps later in the day will help me to convince the DH to buy into this plan.

Blockquote For me, I need sandals – socks and sneakers are too hot.
I’m shopping for sandals this year (first for me) - maybe Tevas (sp?) or Keens? I would need to wear them and practice long walking with them, afraid of the blisters. Do you have a brand preference?

Also, canvas or leather sandals?

Thanks @danimoon67 !

We got a bounce back offer with free dining… couldn’t resist!

OK, that is not only genius, but DELICIOUS! Ample Hills, here we come!

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I bought the Frogg Toggs chill pads. They worked well. I bought a regular sized one which was really big and then several mini ones that are more like neck wraps. The mini ones are really narrow and long. I may try cutting the regular sized one in half for our next trip (which is in July so we will definitely need them).

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The breaks in the afternoon are a must for my kiddos, pool time is just as much part of vacation as the parks.

I have Keens that I bought for our 2013 trip that we still use (my husband and me, kids have outgrown theirs). I also LOVE Skechers flip flops and sandals with the REGGAE soles (not go walks, not enough support for me). If you get one of them with a toe loop, don’t freak out if they are too stiff or tight – I loosen them up with shoving a beer bottle through the toe overnight and they are perfect. I live in them all summer. I would definitely break them in. I am wearing mine for the 3 months before we go.

I love my Keens fisherman sandals, but if they get wet, they do take quite a bit to dry off. They are usually still damp the next morning.

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Wow, that’s amazing information @danimoon67 - thank you!!!