How do parents help Santa visit on-site on Christmas Morning?


Morning all,
We are going to staying at the All Stars Music Resort over Christmas this year checking in on the 23rd through to the 27th. We are coming from the UK, we don't know what are DS10 will be asking Santa for, (hopefully something small!) but we were wondering if anyone had any tips on helping Santa make his Christmas morning deliveries?


Maybe Santa could bring something small with a note that the rest of the gifts are waiting at home. And make sure someone (or you) have the gifts already out under the tree for when you arrive home. Just an idea.


We had friends with young kids do this. Just pack a suitcase with a small little tree, gifts, stockings, etc. Once the child is asleep, you can put stuff out!


Last year we spent christmas away from home in Germany. Told kids that Santa was leaving everything big at our house because he didn't want us to have to bring it home on the airplane. So xmas morning we just had a few small things. Kids didn't mind -- they got to have two christmases. smile


DS 7 was told that Santa was leaving gifts at home for him to make it easier on Mom and Dad. Then we "received" a text from home on Christmas morning showing the gifts under the tree. We had a small, pre lit tree delivered to the resort and we put it up in our room. Our son got a small gift there from Santa, Mom and Dad and his Elf. We also brought stockings with us that we filled with a few small things which we shipped to the resort. Worked perfectly! Having gifts at home also helped with re-entry into reality.


That sounds good! Did you get your tree delivered by Disney florist? I've been debating about this. My girls really want a tree on Christmas.