How do my Touring Plans Look?

My Fastpass day is quickly approaching, so I’m working on getting some decent plans put together. I’ve watched all of you give fantastic advice to others, and I’d appreciate anything you could point out for me, too!

First, some background. We’ll have 6 folks: Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, 8-year-old son, and almost-4-year-old daughter. She naps, sometimes, at home. If she naps, she’s pretty good about staying out until 9 or so (we can stretch a day or two, even later). Without a nap, she’s crashing by about 6. We’re staying at AKL, so travel to/from the parks might be difficult.
The rest of us will not plan to go crazy-fast, but I’m not worried about mobility. There’s a wide variety of what we’ll ride - from “everything is awesome” down to “Dumbo will make me sick”. I’m just planning to have everyone tour together, and sit out when we need.

So, on to the plans.

Wednesday, Epcot. We’ll take a break at the Chase Lounge. Which plan I choose will probably depend on when I can get a FPP for Frozen. We plan to hit Soarin’ right after breakfast, and eat around World Showcase.

Thursday, Magic Kingdom. I have dinner reservations at Kona. (5:20 right now. Looking for a 7:30 if we take a break) If we decide not to take a break, I’d probably adjust fastpasses, hoping to get extras.

Friday, Magic Kingdom, MNSSHP

Saturday, Animal Kingdom. We’ll probably swap out Primeval Whirl FPP for the nighttime entertainment. Will Kilimanjaro really have only a 5 minute standby wait at 9 am?

Anything look out of whack? I could ask a million questions, here, but I’ll leave it at this, for now.
Thanks a million for any advice you can give me!

A few comments about your Epcot plans:

You cannot get more than one Tier 1 FPP as one of the 3 you make in advance. FEA and Soarin’ are both Tier 1. I’d suggest doing Soarin’ as standby right after breakfast, so you have a FPP for FEA (which tends to break down often).

I’d suggest riding The Seas with Nemo & Friends as your way into the pavilion. It dumps you out at the exhibits. You can do Turtle Talk with Crush as soon as it opens up for the next show, then resume looking at exhibits.

Waits for Anna and Elsa are rarely longer than 20 minutes. They know how to process lots of people per hour.

MK: WIll you be hungry for lunch less than 3 hours after your BOG breakfast?

With the park’s official opening at 9, I don’t think you can get FPP for anything earlier. Plus, at that hour you may not need one for Peter Pan. You will miss out on its great queue if you do it as FPP, and not standby.

Thanks for the notes!

I’m not planning to actually have fastpasses for Soarin’ or Peter Pan. I have them set up that way, because otherwise the plan give me like a 20 minute wait, right away. I expect, with the early breakfasts, we can be one of the first in line. This was just my workaround to show that.

BOG breakfast - you’re right - we may not be particularly hungry. I’m expecting to do some sharing, but maybe I should look at a later meal… especially if we stay in the park all day. To get a decent break, and be back for the parade, it forces an early lunch.

Have you done Epcot before? I know TP is good, but I have never squeezed that much into a day at Epcot before. That’s my one critique of your Epcot plan.

Lunch feels early. Cosmic Rays is a zoo. Good food, but a zoo. I hate it there for that reason. I would eat later, elsewhere. Or, if you’re going back to resort, eat there. Where are you staying?

Dole Whips and a parade - priceless! Good call on that. Take the cut-through from Adventureland to Frontierland to secure a spot after getting whipped :wink:

SOTMK is done while touring. I suppose adding it in makes a cushion for your time plan, but it’s not like it’s its own activity in one location.

Really love this plan except the lunch part :slight_smile:

Love it.

Because Nemo feels a wicked long way away from pretty much everything, I might encourage you to start there at the noon show, do the stuff nearer to it afterward and move toward Africa as the day progresses. I would definitely keep KRR for last and head back to resort after for dry clothes :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions @OBNurseNH!

I wondered about Epcot… I wish we had a second day to spend there. I’m guessing we’re just going to end up blowing past some of the countries in the World Showcase… unless you have some suggestions about how to get more out of that day? We’ve been there before, and will go again, so it’s not critical to see it all. Anything that we absolutely should NOT skip?

That’s two votes away from Cosmic Ray’s on Thursday. We’ve eaten there before, and enjoyed it. It was quiet… I can’t remember, but it must’ve been an early lunch or dinner. If we eat later, we’ll be in Adventureland. Any suggestions, there? We’re not overly excited about Pecos Bill’s. (Or, at the hotel, which is easy to pick up food at the Mara).

Finally, Animal Kingdom. Do you think we’ll have time to eat at Yak & Yeti and then get over to Nemo by noon? I’m willing to drop that ADR and just eat quick service… but it would probably still be at Y&Y.

You guys are great!

THIS! Mara is a billion times better than any MK food!

I think i read it as Y&Y QS. I would think you would be cutting it close with your current ADR for TS

And – the reason I drive to the AK Lodge when I’m within 15 minutes – ZEBRA DOMES (scroll down)!

So, is Mara worth going to multiple times? I’m sure we’ll eat there Tuesday night, upon arrival. We’re also doing brunch at Boma, on Friday.

I’m looking at the menu, I could certainly find a half-dozen things I’d enjoy… now I’m hungry!!

YES! We love Mara

We are going to Epcot on the 19th too, but it’s our arrival day, so just half day. I got a msg that sum of all thrills will be closed by then. :*( Any idea what is left in innoventions??

Yeah, I just saw that, too. SAD! We didn’t get to go last time, my son was about 1/2" too short. I think I read that the only thing left is Colortopia. We’re going to skip it all, now.

Oh bummer! We rode 3 times on our last trip (2011!) so we are sad but what can you do. We will also be at MNSSHP on Friday, I’m hoping the crowds aren’t horrible. Lunch @ BOG. We are taking a later break from 4:30-7 and have a 5:20 adr at kona, but on that Friday. Thursday we are doing universal so Friday is our only Monday. Then on sat we chose HS instead of ak but we have to leave early for the airport. When we decided to go ahead and get tix to MNSSHP I dropped our adr @BOMA, so kinda bummed but looking forward to the party. Staying offsite too, so only 30 day window for fpp. Too short a trip!! :wink:

Wow! We have very similar plans @LaurieNB. At least two days, we’ll be in the same parks… similar ADRs, too. We have Boma, Kona, BOG (breakfast).

I’m, like you, hoping that crowds will be low. Definitely too short a trip for us, too. At least it’s something to get our Disney fix, though.

What made you choose AKL? My 2 little ones are 1.5 & 3 so we will take them in 2 yrs when they are 3.5 & 5. This trip is just me and my mom doing “reconnaissance” for next trip with kiddos. :wink: Was thinking to stay at the poly for easy monorail access… But if we end up with a big family group we might stay offsite. For October we are doing Airbnb offsite.

We stayed at BLT 2 years ago, and loved it. The walk to MK was fantastic, as was hopping on the monorail to get to Epcot. This time, we are planning a bigger group, and wanted to get (at least) a 2 bedroom. We’re renting DVC points. BLT is pretty expensive, so figured we’d try AKL. It’s a bit cheaper, and I’ve heard lots of really good things about it.
The woman we rent points from has “home” status at 4 or so resorts, and AKL sounded most like “us”, this time around.