How do I wear this thing?

Gawd, I’m such a noob.

Got our Magic Bands today. (Which means this trip is really happening!!)

Any trick to wearing it? I’ve got it so I’m looking at the mouse ears “right side up” from my point of view on my left wrist.

Does it matter? Does it read and scan in all directions? Or will arranging it so that it’s aligned properly save me a few precious fractional seconds in line at the turnstile?


Anyway you wanna wear it is just fine - the reader will register as long as you can touch mouse to mouse.


Direction definitely matters. It requires “mouse to mouse” contact, so make sure to wear your band in a fashion that makes it convenient for you to touch that to the contact points (turnstiles, FP+ entrances, payment terminals, etc.) - I expect most people (myself included) will prefer to wear it like a watch with the mouse ears “up”, but it might actually be more ergonomic to go the opposite direction, though it might look a little odd and I’m not sure how it would feel.

Remember, you may use your “mouse to mouse” in the neighborhood of a dozen to two dozen times per day. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a lot, so personal preference on fit and feel should take precedence over touch point efficiency.