How do I make a TP for a group with different FP times?

Going to MK in March with 4 adults and 4 kids ages 8, 6, 3, and 2. For obvious reasons different kiddos want to go on different rides - is there a way to create a customized TP that allows adults and kids to split up and then meet back together? So for example at 10 am older kids and dads are riding Thunder Mountain while moms and younger kids see Enchanted Tales with Belle - is there a way to input this and then have the TP tell us when and where to meet back up? Or is the best bet to just create 2 different TP.

I had a similar situation with different FP groups, and I just made a note in the notes section. While we took the kids to Adventurer’s Outpost, the grandparents wanted to see ITTBAB. We had overlapping FPs, so I entered ours in the TP, and put a note that said something like “M&L (their initials) It’s Tough to be a Bug 1:40-2:40”. We met up afterward and continued with the rest of the plan. Since we had FPs that was pretty easy…maybe you can make a copy of the plan and swap out one of the rides, see which one has the longer wait time and use that in the plan. Then you can put in the note who is going on which ride. But I don’t think the plan will let you enter two rides at the same time.


I think your two options are to either do one plan with notes for substitute rides or to do two separate plans. Either way, I think I’d make the main plan the one with the older kids, because they’ll be hitting the rides with longer wait times.

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