How do I know what time Kilimanjaro Safaris opens?

I’m planning our AK day to be October 26th and there’s extra magic hours that day. My TP plan was to RD EMH and hit Navi River and then go to KS. But now I’m not sure when it opens? Is it open at the start of every extra magic? How can I find this out?

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So funny, this was exactly my plan for Oct 28. But then I found out that KS doesn’t always open for EMH. So I got a FP for it around sunset time. I don’t know if you will get a solid answer until that morning. Good luck to you.

The short answer is that it isn’t always open at the start of EMH.

In fact it may not even open at the beginning of normal park opening either, because it is dependent on the welfare of the animals.

I wouldn’t bank on it being open for EMH in a TP. That way you won’t be left trying to re-do your plans if there is a delay in opening.