How do I get back to Poly after Magic Kingdom After Hours?

I have a last minute work trip to Orlando next week and I’m planning to squeeze in a little Disney time on Thursday night. I was hoping to drive my rental car to the Poly for dinner/drinks at Trader Sam’s and then monorail over to the Magic Kingdom for the After Hours event. Will it be a hassle to get back to my car at Poly afterward? Not sure how you get there when monorail isn’t running. Thanks!

We had a late dinner reservation at CRT which kept us in MK until well after closing one night. We were staying at the GF. The monorail was closed, but there were buses waiting near the exit and CMs there to tell us which bus to take. Disney will have buses or something running because there will people with their cars still parked at TTC (which is walking distance to Poly). You shouldn’t have an issue, but if you’re worried you could have dinner at Contemporary instead and that way you can walk to MK and back to your car.

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I think they made me take a ferry after DAH - but this was back in 2015 I think.

I then walked from the TTC to the Poly, no problems. If mobility is challenging, then you might consider other options like parking at the TTC and taking the monorail to the Poly. Although, I don’t know if that’s any decrease in distance traveled.

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Thank you! I love the idea of walking back to Contemporary. Great call!

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Thank you, Both! This is very helpful. Much appreciated!

They will not leave you stranded at MK. If the monorail isn’t running, there will be buses. There will be lots of people returning to the TTC, Poly and GF.

We stayed at the Poly and did DAH at MK in February. We were hoping onto BTMRR at 11:01 and back in our room before midnight. Buses were waiting on us and CMs directed us to the appropriate one. Bus stopped first at CR, then TTC and then the Poly.