How do I get an inexpensive MagicBand2?

We are taking my SIL and her two kids to Disney World in June. Was planning on getting them plain Magicband2s (and maybe custom stickers from magicyourband) so we don’t have to fuss with tickets constantly and it’s a fun souvenir (my family each has several, so we’d just rewear old ones).

But it looks like plain Magicband2 aren’t available at shopDisney? They’ve got all the MagicBand+ and “specialty” Magicband2 (Avatar Way of Water for $60 :flushed:), but nothing under $35 (price for plain MagicBand+).

If I spring for + bands for them, my kids will likely be (mildly) disappointed that they get “cooler” ones than us, which I was hoping to avoid (and not spend more than we need to).

We’re staying at Shades of Green, so no pre-arrival bands for us either.

Are they stocking/selling 2s for pre-arrival? Are they plentiful at reasonable prices in the parks / Disney Springs?

They certainly favor MB+ on ShopD.

You could wait and get MB2 in park/on property…. It only takes a moment to link them.

Also, IMHO MB+ is not all that much better generally. If you want to play the bounty hunter game in DHS you need a MB+ but, other than that, your children should not be jealous at all.

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I was incredibly underwhelmed by it. Aside from Bounty Hunter it just buzzes at random times and you have no idea what it’s trying to tell you. The statues are cute but hard to make them work many times.

For this last trip I got a basic one for myself and I didn’t even bring the MB+ with me. To me it was a waste of money. I prefer the basic one far and away.

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I had a MB+ for our December trip. I had it on for three of the days, but I swapped back to my MB2 for the rest. I actually found the MB+ less comfortable to wear…and, I never once used any of the MB+ functionality. It did buzz occasionally when I was near a statue, but I didn’t care about the statues.

Anyhow, there are plenty of MB2s available on property. I would just wait and buy one upon arrival.

I agree with @OBNurseNH and @ryan1.

MB+ is a beta product that shouldn’t have been released. It’s not ready. Or the parks aren’t ready.

Knowing what I know now from having bought one and worn it in the parks, I would not buy one again.


And me… of course you agree with me . . . right?


I’ll agree with you, and mousematt agrees with me…and so by the transitive property of agreement, mousematt agrees with you.


Math so early in the day. :nauseated_face:

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Sorry about. So I don’t make that same mistake again…what time in the day would constitute an acceptable time to do math? (I’m afraid your answer might lead to an unraveling of the space-time continuum.)

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Also, a very suspicious amount of agreeing going on here


I agree.


29 o’clock


If you do find something on shopDisney -

I found that several of my Chase Visa cards had card-linked 10% off at shopDisney show up last week. You just have to log in to your Chase portal, see if you have any in your card offers and add them to the card.

All of my 10% offers do max out at $5, so ain’t a deep discount but savings do add up. And, because I had the offer on 5 different cards I could max it out 5 times if needed - may be worth it if shipping is included (maybe using a Disney Visa offer, try code DRVCMEMBER I think.)


I know that, but kids…not such discerning critics :joy:

Oh, shoot, they may actually want to do this…somehow I had missed there was something potentially valuable to the MB+ bands.

I’ll stalk ShopDisney and see if anything pops up, but maybe plan on getting in the parks as it sounds like they are available there (are they still $20?).

It is the only thing valuable to MB+ at this time. And it’s a fun game but you can only play it for so long before it becomes repetitive and you have to put it away for another day

I believe MB+ start at $35

Thanks for this - I had this offer available on my Chase card too.

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I think the most valuable part of MB+ is that its rechargeable. This may be controversial since you have to recharge daily, which I agree, it would be much nicer if the charge lasted much longer.

I just hate how my old MB1 or 2’s lose half their capabilities after 2-ish years. Yes, I know the tap lasts forever, but I still want the longer range to work for ride photos and such. Which that’s also probably controversial since that technology is hit or miss as well.

It seems like each MB+ will maybe have a longer useful life than MB2. I agree that the other parts are annoying and lackluster.

My Capital One card is offering 6% back if I go through their portal. I haven’t compared to other portal offers (retailmenot, honey, ratuken, etc).

No that’s the biggest PITA about it. Especially if you have multiple family members who all need to recharge.

Hey I added the caveat that it’d be controversial.

But in all seriousness, if you fully charged at night, did you ever need to charge during the day?

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