How do I get a reservation for Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert Party?

Can anybody offer any helpful tips on scoring a reservation for TTDP? I can see its booked up for the next 6 months. I won’t need the reservation till next Jan/Feb. Thanks!

You book it 180 days in advance through disney dining or on MDE the same as booking a TS meal. It sometimes doesn’t open up right at 180 days but just check daily sometimes its nearer 170 days.


I just booked one for April 3!

It’s supposed to open up at 180 like a regular ADR, but for some reason it often doesn’t. I was checking daily to book for my late July trip, and oddly it’s only available until July 4th as of right now. So along with my daily July check, I started looking for my April dates, even though it’s only 50ish days away, and every day of my trip (3/29-4/4) was booked solid. And suddenly, after just a week of daily looking, there was an opening where there had not been before! Party of 4, April 3. We’re in!

So check at 180, but don’t be surprised it it’s not available yet. Be prepared to check back, and if it books up before you can get in, don’t give up!

Good luck.