How do I get a refund?

Lines was “unable to connect” the entire time I was in Disneyland last week!!! What’s the point of paying for the subscription if I can’t use it in the park???

Isn’t that more of a DL Wi-Fi issue?

Did that happen on your cellular data connection or just on wi-fi?

I was able to connect to email, Facebook, the Disney apps, and everything else just fine. Lines was the only app that didn’t connect, so it’s not a WiFi or cell data issue.

Email and explain the situation. Although I have to say that I had no issues connecting to TP last week and I did not hear of anyone else having problems, so it may have been an issue with your phone or service provider.

Thanks, I’ll do that!

I want a refund, never was able to connect the whole trip to Disney or Universal, a complete waste