How do I calculate an upgrade to an annual pass with a Disney free dining package?

We are going for 11 days in November with the free dining package. To qualify for the package you must book a certain amount of tickets. We are purchasing 10 day passes and will be upgrading at the gate to annual passes.

  1. how do I figure out the amount I will owe for the pass?
  2. should I still purchase the memory Maker to make certain all of our pictures are added to our account or will the free pictures automatically apply since I update the passes on the same day?


You definitely don’t need to buy memory maker, once you upgrade all your pics will show up. Not sure about the cost - won’t it just be the difference between what the tickets cost and the cost of an AP?

I am calculating full cost tickets and then subtracting that cost from the AP. With free dining you should be credited with full room cost and full Disney tickets. You booked after the last increase in February- right?

My daughter and I are upgrading this summer as well. I also have free dining on my package, but I didn’t think that played a role in the upgrade?

I do believe that you can upgrade without issues but early on was told you could not because it would be double dipping on discounts? I booked through a travel agent and have not been able to get a clear idea of the cost of the ticket in the package. Because of different pricing models due to discounts for certain seasons I am not certain whether I get the value of tickets that day? If so where do I get that info? Or do I get another set value attached to packages? I have read that you need to come with your numbers because some CM’s might only credit you with the amount that the ticket office received from the package (which is apparently less than the gate price to accommodate free dining etc…). I am just trying to confirm that number. I thought it would be easy to calculate as well but like everything there is a lot of conflicting information. I just need to know in advance as we are on a tight budget.

Ok so if I get pictures at 8a and upgrade at 3 p will all the pictures show up? We were planning on doing the upgrade the first day but in the evening at Disney springs because we will be there and heard the line was shorter.

I know you can only do the upgrade at the gate (because with free dining you have to have purchased x amount of tickets to qualify). I have had difficulty finding info on this. I would think it would be that simple but have read a few places that CM’s tried to credit with lower amounts stating that it was the amount that was actually paid towards tickets as opposed to the gate value of the tickets that day. There are 3bof us and it adds up. One site read to have all math with you and confirm what they are crediting for you, I am finding that a little harder than I thought. I did read one place that there is a standard number you should be credited but can’t find what it is.

If you go to the Disney website, you can get current prices for advanced purchase of tickets, the gate price is $20 more I believe. AP cost is also listed. For the two of us (DD & I) I expect to pay approximately $470- AP-(7DPH+MM). But that was the online cost, so it could be a little less than that. Of course, that’s also based on current price, I booked before the price hike on tickets so if they go back to that price and bridge, than I may be out a little more.

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From what I’ve heard, if you had a trip 6 months ago and upgrade, those pics will show up too. Do it whenever suits you.

As for cost, I think it’s @JJT who produced a spreadsheet showing how much you should pay and will hopefully see this and share it!

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When I bought my AP pictures from a trip several months before were available to download


Thank you oddly enough I have had a hard time finding the answers. Thank you!

I don’t know if this will work, but this is the link. I have no idea how it works, I’ve never even looked at it, but hopefully it will make sense and you can get an answer.

It worked. Thank you!