How do I book 6 FPP on a day I am attending a party and using a regular entry ticket?

Yes! We could end up w/ 8 or 9 FPPs pretty easily

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@Sam2071 @PrincipalTinker Oh ok do you mean when you factor in the rolling 4th fast pass in addition to the six? I think I get it now lol.


I ordered my tickets before reading this and just did the email delivery and print. How can I use FPP’s now?

I have not done it this way but I don’t see why you would not be able to stop by guest services with your email confirmation, dummy account information, and ask for a hard card to be provided for your party ticket. Making FP should not be an issue as the tickets are electronically linked in MDE. Did you set up dummy profiles and transfer the tickets yet?

I have not set up dummy account yet-just found this great info :slight_smile: will try it tonight

Thanks for this Info. I created my dummy account and hope to link with my AP discount. Will let you know how it goes!

So, I did the same as 321itsme, but since mine was linked to my magic band, I don’t even have a print at home ticket. I do have the email confirmation, and I successfully transferred the tickets to the dummy account. Do you think there’s any way I could call Disney and get hard tickets mailed since we’re still 2 months out? I’m just worried about showing up the day of and something going wrong…

You could try. I am not sure if it will work. I never tried but it can’t hurt to give it a try. Keep us posted!

It didn’t work at 60 days out. Here’s what I did: purchased my MNSSHP ticket via the dummy account and had the card mailed to my house. I added my dummy account to my friends and family on my main account. I went to book FPP for my dummy account inside my main account and was told that the dummy didn’t have a ticket; MDE would let me assign the MNSSHP ticket to the dummy in the main account ‘as the ticket was assigned to a previous account.’ I could not link my resort stay in my dummy account as the ‘resort was previously linked.’ Unless I misunderstood something, seems I’ll have to wait for 30 days on this one. Just an FYI

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Yup, I believe the loophole was closed. See below for my experience

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Question - ordered mine today and had them shipped. The ticket numbers aren’t listed in MDE so I’m guessing I need to have the cards in hand to pull the numbers off and then schedule FP?

Not sure. When I bought mine I assigned them immediately to the profiles in MDE and they showed right away. My hard cards came in the mail a few weeks later. I did not have to link manually. Did you have the option of assigning them when you purchased?

Thanks for response @AuntB_luvsDisney. Mine show in MDE under dummies as tickets and they are assigned to the right people but there isn’t a number listed on them yet. I just bought yesterday so I’m thinking maybe once they ship they’ll get assigned a ticket number? I know that’s how the magic bands work. That’s just my thinking. FPP day would be today and there isn’t anything to schedule. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Update @AuntB_luvsDisney. I went to fastpass page this morning on my computer vs my phone and was able to do it no problem. Scheduled the 3 fastpasses for my dummy people. I put the dummies in my CURRENT MDE. I didn’t create a new one. I created 5 new people with our middle names. I have an AP and bought it with the discount and assigned it to the dummies when I purchased them. As expected these dummy names aren’t on our room reservations so it wouldn’t let them assign beyond the 30 days. Personally I think this was easier with the AP discount and also I can see all FP reservations without having to switch. I can understand why some people would want to keep it separate tho.


Awesome! I will add something to the forum post about this option of dummy profiles instead of a new account. It’s good to know both ways work.

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Thanks for sharing this post @AuntB_luvsDisney. My situation is similar to @wleejames. I did purchase first using AP discount. However they were assigned to the real me and husband. I’ve been able to create a profile using his middle name and reassign his party ticket to his “dummy” profile but I can not get my party ticket to reassign. At first I tried to do this on the app which I think is what started my problems. However even when I went to laptop I still get the error message.

We have detected that you are experiencing a problem validating your ticket or pass ID number. Please call Guest Services at (407) 939-4357 for assistance. Guests under age 18 must have parent or guardian permission to call.

I really do not want to call GS and try to explain this!! If anyone has an advice I really appreciate it.

I am going to send you a private message. @youcanfly

@321itsme @Madame_Mulan I’m just getting in the loop on this but have already purchased our MVMCP tickets all in electronic format. Any luck getting Disney to send you a ticket in the mail in advance of your trip?


@AuntB_luvsDisney have you heard from anyone who had purchased party Tix before setting up a dummy account and was able to get Disney to send them a Tix/card in advance? TIA.