How do I become a TA for a day?

My brother’s trip is coming up and, specifically, his ADR day. To help ensure they get everything they’re after, I want to be able to make dining reservations along side of him trying for it too.

I figure the easiest way to do this (that won’t freak out Disney’s systems/lock us both out) is to be registered as their TA. How do I do that?

You can’t.

He can give you his login information and you can act as him. It’s what I do with my guests - it’s the only way for anyone to do those things for another person.

You could have him temporarily add you to the reservation. You would then need to be connected to him as friends and family, with settings on his end as “allow this person to make plans with me” and then that should allow you to be logged in under your account on one device and his on another.


But doesn’t Disney’s system freak out and lock down if it detects the account login from 2 different locations? It’s happened to me when logging in from my work computer and home computer.

They’re staying DVC, would I be able to go in and change the people without the system freaking out/wiping room requests/notes (i have a bunch of special notes in there for them put in via DVC Cast Members)? Feels like the whole thing is extremely fragile.

I am, however, already connected via Friends and Family, so that’s no problem. I’d just have to set that last setting.

No? I’ve done ADRs concurrent with guests loads of times and have never encountered that.

Yes, provided their room will accommodate another guest you should be able to add yourself to the reservation without issue.


it’s a 1BR, so it oughta…

cool, thanks. This is annoying though. No one should have to jump through hoops like this to eat at a theme park.


Same. I sometimes even log in to clients accounts on multiple devices simultaneously when trying to do split tables for big groups. Its never been an issue.



I’ve had to stop and reset my password/unlock my account a bunch of times cause it’s pinging that I’m logging in from Virginia (thanks to a VPN for work) and here in PA.

alternative option: create a leading reservation to snag what they want. Not my proudest move, but it feels more fool proof than hoping the system doesn’t freak out/mucking with the reservation.

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try incognito?

(this from someone who knows nuthing :wink: )

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Its probably the VPN. VPNs can be flagged and put on a watch list.


i put a fedora and sunglasses on… it still recognized me. :laughing:


:sunglasses: :laughing:

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My TA logs in as me and makes my ADRs. We’ve both been logged in as me at the same time in different cities.


This would 100% work just make sure you’re all connected ahead of time. (which I think you said you are)


That ultimate satisfaction of getting a 100% success rate on all ADR attempts.

Every restaurant wanted
Every time wanted
Even the repeats
Even T-Rex and Space 220 and Chef Mickey’s and Topolino’s


Thanks for the help, all. Ended up going with the leading res method.

Sorry for reviving a dead thread, but I needed to share. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.