How do I add Illuminations Dessert Party reservation to my touring plan?

I can’t find a spot to add it - the restaurant is not listed?

Is it the last thing you are doing? Can you end your plan at the start time or add it as a break?

Yes, I can do that. Is there a location for the break that I can pick so we know where we’re going? It was unclear where the restaurant is…

It should be in an outside patio area. Disney says “adjacent to Mexico”.

At Christmas it was further round to Canada. Imagine head on to America, then off centre to the right. Don’t know if it’s changed.

I was not sure if it moved around or not but the Disney site says to meet the CM at the Port of Entry near Mexico?

On the map, that is on the Showcase plaza opposite America. About equidistant from Mexico and Canada! I think the “adjacent to Mexico” bit is misleading…:grinning:It’s between the two friendship boat docks.