How do I add a request to have a special seating place to my adr?

I read somewhere that you can add a request for special viewing seats for fireworks parades etc. didn’t sound like it was after you arrived at the restaurant but on your actuals reservation. how do I do that?

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I’ve never heard of putting it on the ADR. I’ve always heard of making these requests when checking in at the restaurant, and usually having to wait extra time to get the request filled. Someone who has done this will probably come along and chime in, but I’ve seen suggestions on these forums before for several restaurants at Epcot for what time to make your ADR to have the best chance of securing a good table for fireworks viewing, although, I’m not sure if any of them are really great for watching fireworks since I think they are mostly indoors.

Good luck!

I have done this at LaH in EP. The recommended strategy per the UG is to arrive at your ADR about 15 minutes early and let the hostess know about your request and that you are willing to wait.

That’s what we did for Spice Road Table at Epcot. I think we arrived about 7:30pm for 7:50 reservation to see 9pm fireworks. Great outside patio dining with heaters that totally handled the chilly night.