How do I add a Disney cruise vacation to my TP dashboard?

Is that just not available yet? Any idea of when? thanks!

I think only @len can answer your question!

I don’t think the dashboard yet supports DCL. We will probably have it in early 2016, though. In the meantime, @willijen, let me know if there’s anything I can help with. I’m currently on the Wonder headed for Hawaii.

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Bringing this back from the dead to ask what you’d like to see/how you’d use a cruise in your dashboard.

Payment dates and keeping with your outstanding balances?
When you can book Port Adventures, etc?
Links to more info about your ship, itinerary, or ports (that is, our reviews?)
Link to contact your travel agent (if you booked with an agency that gives the DCL subscription as a promotion)?

None of these and something entirely different?

I’d love to hear your ideas.

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This is exciting! Thanks for the opportunity to help! :blush:

What I’d like to see personally, not necessarily in this order:

  • payment dates and reminders for payments and booking dates for port adventures, Palo/Remy, etc
  • reservation number
  • Castaway Club number and level
  • cabin number(s) and names of people in each, cabin category
  • name of ship, sailing dates, itinerary
  • place to write reservations for special dining and port adventures
  • links to reviews are really nice, maybe a link to the Fare Tracker?
  • That weather thing on the dashboard is pretty nice! but that might be complicated to link to each port of call…

Who says you don’t take requests? LOL! I think those would be the most helpful things for me.

Thanks for asking, Laurel!

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I love these ideas. Especially the weather. Please let us know if you think of anything else.


First timer here - I’d like to see things that might be offered on/off the ship. We’re all planners here on this forum, so a way to have something to plan might be nice.


Hi Laurel, I’d be willing to beta test if something is ready… :slight_smile: It’s just so hard to see my Dashboard empty. It’s making me cry a little, which is embarrassing at work. :cry:

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Did this functionality get added? Would love to have this as well as the ability to set my fare tracker preferences so we don’t have to re-enter them (cabin type, number of children, etc).

No, it didn’t. They’ve been working hard to improve a lot of other things they offer. Can’t get to everything. I ended up creating a new trip for my cruise and using the note feature a lot.