How do grandparents control sons family for fastpass

My son and his family are accompanying us to WDW in November. He wants us to make everyone’s FP reservations together but he enrolled himself, wife and kids in his own Friends and Family account. How can we work around this issue?

As long as they are set to allow you to see all of their plans it should let you include them in your fast pass party when you go to make them.

When I tried to book the grandkids (6&8) for a ride this morning I was told only my son can set their FP reservations. I can set my son’s reservations but not the kids’. Cannot try again this afternoon; think they have shut down FP as part of storm prep.

Have you added all of them as friends and family to your MDE? Your son will need to approve the requests for the children and anyone else his account manages to be listed as your friends and family.

Will check with my son

Well I did enter all of them as Friends & Family and my son approved. Still wrestling with this

You should not have entered them a second time if they were already listed under your son. You should have been able to go to add friends from people I may know and they would have been listed with comment managed by son’s name. Click on their names and son approves. Can you see tickets linked to the profiles in your account? Does your son see the tickets linked? If he does but you don’t it is not set-up correctly.

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I encountered a similar issue when planning FPP with my MIL and SIL. I ended up just collecting their login information and making FPP reservations that coincided with my family’s using their MDE accounts.

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