How do FPP reservations work for rider swap?

Hi, We’re a family of 4, kids are 8 and 10.

As much as I’d love my 8 yr old daughter to be ready for Everest she’s watched you tube POVs and is scared of the backwards part. However it’s the only ride she won’t that both my husband and I want to do.

Her 10 yr old brother cannot stand meet and greets, but she is into Mickey and Minnie.

In an ideal world I’d like to use her 3rd Fastpass for Adventures Outpost and everyone else’s for Everest. But do I need to make my 3rd FPP for adventures outpost for her to use hers?

Is it possible to make 2 FPP reservations for Everest and 2 for Adventures Outpost, then use rider switch so I can supervise her photo and (I) still ride Everest?

I believe she answers this near the end.


Everyone going to the character meet must have a fpp.

Getting fpp for 2 for EE and using rider swap for the other grown-up works well because then the child who wants to ride can ride twice.

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