How do 8 am adr's work?

We have an 8 am reservation at H and V on an 8 o’clock opening. How does this work? What time should we get there? We have an 8:40 on the same day. Which is the better reservation to keep? We will not be doing ToT or that rollercoaster ride (very technical ;))

Get to HS about 7:30 to line up on the Dining Reservation line. Cast members will be there to check your name/reservation. Then, they’ll let you in to go to the restaurant.

If the park opens at 9, it’s great to have the 8am ADR because then you haven’t used up any park time for the meal and you get to meet/greet some characters.

DHS tends to let people in around 8:40am on a 9am park open. So you’d be using up park time for that one.

You could still hit up Toy Story on standby after b’fast and then use a Fastpass to ride it a second time later on in the day.

If the park is opening at 8 then later is better! You have the chance to do one attraction without FP before your ADR!

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So, if I keep the later res, what should my second group fastpass be? I figure we can head straight to Star Tours, which show is the hardest to get into??

I think I would just FP the show I wanted to see the most.

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