How difficult to get BOG breakfast?

Just wondering if anyone knows how difficult it is to snag a BOG breakfast res on the 180 day mark…Never attempted before, only dinner but the kids would like to do breakfast and I’m just wondering if it’s as crazy as dinner or not quite as difficult.

Yes it’s pretty crazy. Especially the pre-RD times. I just did my ADRs for our nov 2016 trip, and there were no BOG times at all for the second day of our trip (so that was at 180+1). I was able to get a breakfast and dinner toward the end of our trip (180+5, 8). However, there are constantly reservation times popping up, especially for breakfast and lunch, so even if it takes a while, I would think you should be able to get a reservation for breakfast.

Thanks for the heads up! I want a pre-RD breakfast specifically…slightly flexible, not the first day of our trip, looking hopefully for 180+1 and 180+3 if possible. I have heard the same that some people have gotten them 2-3 months out so maybe (fingers crossed) it isn’t as crazy as dinner… :slight_smile:

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It is definitely a challenge. There’s a similar challenge with CRT. I recently booked my ADRs. I was logged in right at 6:00 am at the 180-day mark, and I still was not able to get a pre-RD breakfast there at 180+1, 180+5, or even 180+8. I had to settle for 50 minutes after RD. It’s unbelievable how quickly they go. But obviously someone is getting them, so there’s always hope.


I managed to get both Cindy’s and BOG (both at 8.10) at about 40 days out. Definitely recommend the reservation finder tool.

Awesome! I did put my BOG request info in to the tool so hopefully that will help. I can do my ADRs in a week.

So just for grins I checked BOG for 180 days from today when I woke up and NO breakfast times! Granted it was 2 hours after the reservation system opened for today (call me crazy but I didn’t feel the need to wake up at 5 my time just to check for a hypothetical day I’m not going, lol). But I’m going to have to be ON it if I hope to get it when I do my ADRs! :fearful:

I checked BoG right at 6am (what is noon here in Germany) and the only times available were 9:00 and 9:10 for Nov 20th a second later it was only 10am.

Hope you will get your reservations!

Ahhh I"m so nervous, lol! Sounds like it’s a slim chance that I’ll get what I want. Never tried for BOG breakfast before. How far into your vacation did you check? 180+1, +2, etc…?

Just checked for fun. I’ve gotta wait 'til August to setup my ADRs.

Just wanna get a feeling how it will work on THAT day :wink:

Ha, that’s exactly what I was doing today! :smiley:

I practised making ADR’s before my day too. It was alarming because at 180 only 1 of my ADR’s was available, however on my actual day I was able to get nearly everything when I wanted it. Don’t forget to open different tabs for each ADR you want. I got a 8:25am BOG on 183, but I did it first. Didn’t check any other days.

I was able to get a pre-rd breakfast using the reservation finder! Took a couple months but snagged an 8:05 for October!!!

I snagged an 8:15 BOG breakfast on a day we’re planning to be in MK but it was just updated to an EMH day!! So now my res is no longer pre-ADR. So annoying.

I got BoG dinner on the 180 day mark at around 8AM online with no problems. A little later on I decided to look for breakfast as well and managed to snag an 8:20AM reservation (park opening at 9) at around the 80 day mark. Not sure if I got lucky or not, but I didn’t have any trouble getting both reservations. Beaches and Cream however seemed to be impossible to get.

Nice! I couldn’t get BOG for breakfast at the 180 day mark but did get 180+4 for 8:25, but then they made that an EMH day so it’s not longer pre-RD, lol… :unamused: