How did they release FOP FP at beginningSWGE

With the new SWGE coming soon, fall how will u think they will release FP?.Will those all ready with early FP, or resort reservations get info first?.How did they handle it when FOP opened? im set for late october and was thinking how it would be handled. Thanks

I don’t think the Star Wars FPs are going to be treated the same as the release of any other new attraction FP. I actually hope they announce nothing and they just magically appear. With previous new attractions they announced the day of opening and then announced when FP would be available to book. If they did this with SWGE, I could see the whole website crashing.

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For the first week they will be sold in an auction format. After that it will be $1000+ for each, depending on which attraction and what time of day.



Why is that funny? You think they’ll cost more?

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I think that was just a joke in an article. But it was funny. :laughing:

With TSL they were released to the CL guests first at day 90. In the past if the date of opening is announced within 60 days, everything has opened at once. I think many people expect this may be different.

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Easy answer: NOBODY KNOWS. Anything and everything you read about this is pure speculation. After the DL version opens we’ll at least know how they did it in CA - but there’s nothing to say they will do it the same way in FL.


That would be a valuable CL perk!

Disney Dish Podcast did a special podcast episode this week with a journalist that was at a recent preview in DL. She said they would not answer any operational questions. Len asked what the plan is going to be for all those people that want to arrive at 9am and just stay there all day. I thought that was an interesting question.