How crowded is Memorial week?

We were planning a trip next June but my husband can’t take off in June now. So the only chance we will have to go is the end of May. How crowded is it around Memorial week? Potential dates May 22 - 30

We went Memorial Day week this year… From Sunday, May 26 to Tuesday, June 4. We weren’t at a park on Memorial Day itself, but we were most other days. The crowds were definitely manageable! Crowd levels were around 5s to 7s most days. The biggest problem was the heat… It was higher than normal hot weather for that week I think…most days in the low to mid 90s. I think it went back down to 80s the week after or so. Figures! But I would definitely choose that week again. Some schools are still in session so I think that helped!

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We went May 23 - 30 this year and the crowds weren’t bad at all. I think most days the crowds were actually lower than predicted. We didn’t do a park on Memorial Day either. We chose to visit the outlets on Vineland instead…and it was a zoo there! The worst part for us was the heat. It was much warmer than we anticipated. It didn’t rain the whole week we were there…which was great, but some relief from the heat would have been nice. We’re from Alabama so we are not strangers to hot/humid weather! :slight_smile:

I would venture a guess that except for Saturday, Sunday and Monday the rest of the week might actually be somewhat less busy than pretty much any week in June after most schools are out.

We went the week before, up to and including Memorial Day itself. We did notice that as the week went on, it got busier. It was forecasted to be a 9 (or even 10, on Sunday so we took a resort day) but never got that bad. The following week it was actually forecasted to be quite high also, in the 9 range, but the real numbers turned out to be less, as well.

The historical calendar on TP can fill you in on the details.

So, if there’s something you really want to experience during lower crowds levels, try to put it on that first Friday. After the holiday weekend, based on what happened last year, the CL will likely decrease but won’t get back down to pre-holiday levels.

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We haven’t found it to be too bad. Our kids get out of school usually about 5 days before Memorial Day so we have gone to Disney right when school ends and have stayed past Memorial Day on several different occasions. The crowds weren’t crazy and it was hot but not July/August hot.