How crowded is Disney Springs?

On our arrival day next Wednesday DD11 wants to go to Lululemon at Disney Springs approx 1pm while we wait for our room at Swan to be ready. I saw some videos that said the parking situation at Disney Springs is a nightmare. Can anyone with recent experience advise what the story is there. We would like to spend an hour tops there but if it’s not a matter of easily finding parking and getting in and out of there then we might just have to avoid the area altogether. Thanks for any assistance you can provide!

Parking at Disney Springs is actually super easy, thanks to their high tech system. You don’t have to drive around looking for an empty spot…the parking garage tells you where you can park.

As you drive in, there are signs that display total number of empty spots on each level. Drive up to a level with plenty of spots.

Then, at the end of each row there will be another digital sign that tells you the number of empty spots for that row. Finally, there is a light above each individual spot. Look for a green one, which indicates there is an empty spot.

If you know this, finding a spot should be easy. Exception, of course, is if they are already full. But I don’t think that would be the case on a Wednesday afternoon.


Wow awesome did not know any of this Thanks!

I think I was more impressed by this parking garage technology than I was with ROTR! :wink:

I wish all parking garages did this.


Our airport parking garages have this system. It’s absolutely genius.

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