How comfy are AOA beds?

Are they like value or moderate?

I haven't stayed moderate, so no point of reference. But, IMHO (despite really liking AoA, as a whole) the beds aren't the greatest. I don't recall the mattress firmness/softness being an issue, but I believe (in the Little Mermaid rooms, at least) the beds are only doubles. I also didn't love the sheeting or pillows.

We all slept like rocks each night anyway, though!

We stayed at AOA LK for two nights in Jan. and we thought the beds were fine. We had been at POP for 6 nights before that. The LK beds were way better than the POP beds!

I stayed in a little mermaid room - don't remember them being particularly uncomfortable, but they were only doubles, which I hated - we have 6 footer at home!

Typical Value beds.. not really the greatest and hard to sleep 2 in if you actually want to sleep.

Thanks for the info! We just stayed at POR which was really comfy with nice linens. I've heard the values were rough but I've never been to one. I love how kid centered AOA is but I don't get the Deluxe pricing but value amenities?!

I'm trying to figure if a bedroom door and a second bathroom is worth $180 a night?

We love AoA... Yes beds could be softer and the sheets are boring old cotton but, I've never had a sleeping problem there. My ds4 adores that resort and we stay at least 3 times a year! The theme and pools are ao much fun for kids! We stayed at POR one weekend and ds was wondering where the "fun stuff" was smile hahaha! I can't compare it to a deluxe though!

Lots to consider. How many people in your family? Do you have two kids who need to sleep separately? Would you eat any meals in the room? The extra space in the suites is wonderful. DD19 really loved having her own bathroom (helpful when we had to get ready for an early ADR), her own tv and the bedroom door (dad snores!). She loves Lion King, so she was thrilled with the decor. Even with all the pluses, we probably won't stay there for a full visit because of the cost. We would rather stay at POP and get a longer visit.

There are five of us. Two dds can share and ds needs his own bed. The second bathroom would be awesome when getting back from the park late. Showers took soooo long every night at POR.
POR was comfortable but so... Boring. Also, we are literally from the bayou so it feels like home but isn't much of a change of scenery!
I'd love to get free dining again but I'm guessing AOA isn't eligible.

We went last Jan. and got a RO discount. It was only 15%, off, but every little bit helps. The LM rooms are almost always excluded from every deal, but I'm not sure about the suites and free dining.

I am pretty sure that the suites were eligible for free dining this year, but I don't have direct experience with it. I have stayed at AoA twice. Putting aside the size of the beds, I thought they were very comfortable, especially for pull down and pull out options. Definitely more comfortable than other values, but it has been five years since I stayed at a moderate, so I can't compare to that (ask me again in September 2015 after I stay at POFQ.)


I found the bed at POP to be comfortable enough. But I'm usually so wiped out by the time I get to bed, I could probably sleep on a marble slab...


Family suites have a queen in the bedroom, comfortable, and two doubles in main area, which are surprisingly comfortable (my 6'2" 71 year old dad slept like a baby on the pull out couch one.) What you're really paying for is the convenience of having basically two rooms and two bathrooms, with a kitchenette with fridge/freezer/microwave/paper plates and cutlery (restocked daily), and space for 6 people. We did garden grocer and saved a boatload of $ that way. AND the theming is incredible for kids. It's a great spot and I'll definitely stay there again, but agreed, it's no bargain.


It would be part of my dream trip for sure. Privacy, space, theming, the pool, kitchenette, just so pricey! I have time to save, maybe it will happen!

Did the value to mod split stays last two trips. The difference in the beds is making us swear off the values. We barely spend time in the hotel so amenities never mattered to us, but value beds feel like dorm beds, including AoA.