How comfortable are the pull-out beds at AoA?

Hi everyone - first time posting on Forum. Going back and forth on what to do with accommodations. We are traveling with 5 people (me, DH, DS5, MIL, FIL) and staying at AoA for 4 nights. Originally the plan was for us all to be in one Cars Family Suite (MIL & FIL in Queen bed, me & DS5 on murphy table bed, DH who is 6’ tall alone on couch pull-out…maybe he could sleep diagonally if needed?).

I am not picky at all about where I sleep and don’t mind if I am cramped, uncomfortable, etc. However, my DH has had back issues in the past and is nervous about sleeping on a pull-out couch for 4 nights. His thought is that if he’s on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, he wants to be comfortable when he sleeps (which I completely understand). Because of this, we have now booked a Little Mermaid suite for my MIL and FIL, so it’s just the 3 of us now in the Cars suite.

I just checked some reviews on the Little Mermaid area, and I’m reading that it is a long walk (8-13 min.) from the bus area. My in-laws are in their 70’s so that is not ideal.

So, what would you recommend: two separate rooms and make the in-laws walk (not to mention the extra price), or all in one room and make DH sleep on the pull-out couch? Can anyone comment on how good or bad the pull-out couch is?


It is a very very far walk from LM rooms. I can’t comment on the sofa bed at AoA because DD12 preferred to just sleep on the sofa without pulling it out. But the Murphy bed was very comfortable. Have you considered letting DH on Murphy and you and DS on sofa bed? You also could probably get 2 rooms at a moderate for about the same cost as what you would pay for AoA suit plus LM room.

We did the same thing in 2014. My DD8 and DD3 slept on the sofa bed, my DH and I slept on the murphy bed, and my in-laws took the bed. The murphy bed was as comfortable as any other hotel bed I’ve slept in. I never slept in the sofa bed, but I did lay on it occasionally and it seemed better than most sofa beds.

Okay, thanks for the input. I’m going to talk with my husband again (he doesn’t know about the distance to/from Little Mermaid yet) and try to convince him to stay in one room. Our son is a huge Cars fan, so we definitely want to keep that suite. I think we’ll do fine for 4 nights…especially since the 4 nights after that we’ll be in a 2-bedroom suite at AKL! :smile:

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